Hello! Thanks for being on my web-site. I am a human man, and not a robot programmed to do comedy. That is why I feel the emotion of gratitude regarding your perusal of my website.

Some personal facts that will help you relate to me are that I enjoy eating ice cream and I once got to speak to an ape who knows English. Just like me. A human.

You can watch my human acting reel below or download my acting resume or even shoot me an electronic mail message. Now that sounds like fun.

I love you in a human way.

-|H|e|n|r|i|k| |B|l|i|x|<new line> |01001000|01100101|01101110|01110010|01101001|01101011|00100000|01000010|01101100|01101001|01111000|00001101


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